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Best Sound System To Rent For A Party

Probably the most important part of shopping around for speaker and lighting hire, for your party or event is finding the correct package, one that suits the size of venue and the amount of guests you have invited.

A basic package of 2 speakers, a couple of decent lights and an aux cable is good for kids parties and small gatherings. At MRM this package starts at £70, and will happily cover 50 people at a good volume level and lighting coverage.

If your party is more around the 100 people mark, you will be wanting a little more volume, which of course would also include more bass. The medium package includes a subwoofer and extra disco lights for extra coverage in the event venue or hall. The extra subwoofer will add depth to the sound ,which in turn adds volume to the overall sound in the room.

The large package that we offer, for events of about 150 people, includes a greater variety of disco lights and now sports 2 large subwoofers which is specifically designed for the larger crowd. This package is very popular with people who want to hire a DJ for their party but when the DJ does not have the correct size equipment. This sound and audio hire package comes with an aux cable and sound mixer for when you want to run your own select party playlist from a device of your choice. ( iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod or laptop).

And finally is the XL (extra large) package which includes 4 subwoofers along with the standard 2 speakers and disco lighting bar. This package is designed for very large parties or events of 200 people plus. Very high output volumes of around 6000 watts of power will cover many different occasions.

people with their hands up dancing at a party with lights and audio set up in background

When booking in your sound system package of choice you may want to also add on a smoke machine to give the lighting a beam effect to add to the vibe of the event. We also have a selection of uplighters which are programmable in the colour choice of your party.

So when it comes to booking your party speaker and lighting package you need to consider the size of the venue and the amount to people you wish the volume of the system to cover at a good level.

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