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DJ or playlist for my event?

One of the biggest costs in booking a party is the hire of a DJ. A lot of the cost goes on many different factors. Labour costs, equipment costs, insurance costs, travel costs, and so on.

You may also decide that you have your own playlist that you have prepared on a music download site, as you have the freedom to choose the songs in the order you wish. This is where mrmaudiohire.co.uk steps in with a range of party packages to suit your party needs.

Most mobile devices have some form of 3.5mm headphone jack socket. This allows the user to plug in an aux cable which is connected to a mixer as a volume for the overall sound coming from the speakers. This also allows the other party guests to plug in their phone if they have a request they wish to play.  DIY parties are becoming very popular due to the cost saving element.

  • Prepare your playlist prior to the event date
  • Choose the party package that fits your needs https://www.mrmaudiohire.co.uk/packages/
  • Or give us a call on 07941832294
  • Free delivery, set up and collection within a 20 mile radius of Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Every party package comes with its own selection of disco lights or laser lighting which will fill up any size venue.

All of the above information allows you to make the decision to book a DJ or go for the option of running your own playlist. If making the most out of your party budget is high on your priority list then a speaker and lighting hire package from MRM is the best option.

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