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Summertime Garden Parties

As of the 17th of May 2021 the UK is on a roadmap to having 30 people in an outdoor setting.
This will open the door for garden parties to start up again just in time for the warm weather.
MRM can cater for most size events our standard party/speaker package is just the right size for a 30 people gathering.
Take all the hassle out of collecting the equipment yourself as we offer delivery, set up and collection (within a 20 mile radius of Portsmouth).
We can also run through the tech side of the gear so the volume can be adjusted throughout your event. https://www.mrmaudiohire.co.uk/packages/

Garden Party Speakers

You may also have a performer at your event we also cater for singers and bands alike with all aspecs of thier show,
Microphones, Monitors, Lighting, Large mixing desks, Staging.

Hire Package

Another favourite for the party atmosphere is to hire one of our smoke machines or hazers.
Enjoy the long hot summer evenings partying away with friends and family with one of our Speaker and Lighting Rental Packages.

Matt MRM

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